Accepting truth

Moving through life, you grow. Physically, mentally and spiritually. The people in your life at the beginning of these changes may not be in your life by the time you are completely yourself. People change, personal views change, situations change.  There is such a thing as a delayed emotional trauma, it can occur weeks, months... Continue Reading →

Social media and the fun it brings (not quite)

'Wow Congradulations', 'Have an amazing time', 'delighted for you' - all these phrases we use on a regular basis on social media. Other peoples events, trips away, engagements, weddings and additions to their families are a constant occurrence on my news feed. Its a daily burden your eyes see and your heart sinks because you... Continue Reading →

Love comes in many different ways

So, I am sure you have figured this out yourself. I began to understand myself in many different ways recently - listening to my heart and mind - finding common ground. I assessed myself and saw what mattered to me, how others treated me  and found I have been brushed off as an accessory in... Continue Reading →

The Pursuit of Happiness

We all have a dream in life, whether its being successful, rich, living a life long holiday or hidden away from the world on a desert island. Each person has a person has that one goal that seems unachieveable. For some its the idea of creating and living amongst your family, for others it can... Continue Reading →

Exclusion is not the best policy

We live in a world where separation is a common practice, we seperate difficult jobs at work from easy tasks, we separate work life and home life, we have separate personalities and practices between familiar people and strangers. We do not show ourselves fully until we are accepted, but when you are yourself will you... Continue Reading →

Keep your friends close?

I ponder about friendships often. How they are beneficial and how they can be damaging. Coming from someone who is quite social, even as a child I found it difficult to make friends and keep them. I hear you ask the question, well maybe she's odd or unkind to people, the answer is genuinely no.... Continue Reading →

A Journey of Self Discovery 

As I am new to blogs I will begin by writing a bit about myself. I am going into my late twenties, living in south Ireland and have recently understood a few things in relation to living in our crazy, sometimes misguided world. I have combined a few factors that have created my ethos to... Continue Reading →

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