A picture says a thousand words…..do you know his story?

First off, let me say not all of my pieces will be like this one. This piece is a story of hope, kindness and love. This story is lighthearted and shows strength that we all could learn from. Also,  might I add, I am a closet cat lady but I do not shout it from the rooftops. This is a story about Bowie.
Bowie tumbled into our lives last July. A post was uploaded to the local Notice Board on social media of this tiny, white neglected kitten, covered in cuts and marks that was found in a ditch. I thought, we shouldnt get a cat, its a bad idea, we dont have time. Then I saw his eyes. One eye, a sky blue and the other a deep emerald. I thought who could love him more than us, who could help nurse him back to health.
We decided to take a drive to see this little kitten, I had my heart set of bringing him home but I kept that to myself. My partner seemed on the fence about it, as he always seemed more of a dog lover. Either way we arrived to the finders house and met the woman who posted to social media. I was quickly taken to a barrel that at the bottom, had a white fluff ball smaller than a bag of sugar. He must have been about 5/6 weeks old. I bundled him up in my arms onto my chest and tried to sooth his quiet sad crys. I knew at that moment I made a good step forward to happiness.
On the journey home he did not whimper or cry, instead gazed at my partner and I. Probably wondering why we looked so odd and didnt have fur. When we brought him in the door, i placed him on the floor while I went to arrange a litter tray, and we realized, he couldnt walk. He was trying, but his back arched as he tried and would slump to one side. My heart sank for this poor little creature who must have gone through so much in such a short life so far.
The next morning, when the Vets opened, I brought him for a check over. Vet was concerned about his pelvis, possible damage from being thrown from a car into the ditch, or travelling in a car (based from the motor oil on his fur). He got his first jabs, flea and worming treatments. The Vet announced it was indeed a male about 6/7 weeks old and was lucky to have us. Over the first few weeks we fed him in the box in the sitting room, changed the towels and paper when needed and one night…..he started trying to jump out of the box. This was a changing moment, he had strength to jump. We had tried to let him gather strength walking with us in the evenings while we could help him but this moment showed us he was on the mend. We were delighted and so happy he could play, jump, run and climb. 
Months have passed and here I sit wondering how the now confident, loving and playful cat came to come into my life. What was his story? Where was his mother? Where was his home? How did he end up alone? His eyes tell a story. One I wonder everyday.
Bowie after arriving home:

Bowie today:


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  1. Bowie is so precious and mysterious. I’m allergic to cats and still would have found a way to bring such a precious kitten home. you may never know how he ended up along, but its great that you found him and changed his story.

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