Exclusion is not the best policy

We live in a world where separation is a common practice, we seperate difficult jobs at work from easy tasks, we separate work life and home life, we have separate personalities and practices between familiar people and strangers. We do not show ourselves fully until we are accepted, but when you are yourself will you still be part of the group? What is exclusion? I will give you an example, your group of friends go out of their way not to invite you to an evening event. You say nothing and you see  pictures posted online of what a great time they had. You feel left out. You feel excluded. In a world that is already so cruel and difficult to meander through, why feel left out also, by people you trust and love. Is it that you really are a burden to them and they don’t actually enjoy your company? Or did they just forget? Which option would you pick?

Personally, feeling excluded happens way more often then I care to admit. It comes to a point where it happens so often, you begin to think, are they malicious and making a point that you are nothing to them? When so much time and effort has been made on your own part to create a friendship/relationship – where was the olive branch to make it mutual. This topic I know for a fact other people go through similar issues on a daily basis, I have learned, that you need to lift your head and say to yourself ‘screw them’. It has taken the bones of six years to learn myself and there are moments that it really gets me down, but I still raise my head and say I deserve better. In the long run, my situation, could end in tears and despair for them in the future if the behaviour continues as I will not want anything to do with them. I am waiting for the olive branch.
Individuality is key to happiness. You cannot change yourself to please others. If you are not truly yourself how can you achieve happiness. If you are excluded because you are yourself, then maybe you are better off leaving the people who exclude you behind in your trail. Let someone new accept you and love you for who yoy really are. True bliss comes from surrounding yourself with good, loving and accepting people who accept you, for you. Be the beautiful rose amongst the weeds. Love yourself and you will find happiness.


3 thoughts on “Exclusion is not the best policy

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  1. Love this post 🙂
    Indeed, separation/exclusion is not the best thing to experience.
    Separate a baby from the mother / caregiver- Separation anxiety occurs.
    Separate the batteries from our gadgets- Frustration occurs!
    Lol the things that we get from exclusion huh?
    I can still remember being excluded in class when I was younger because I was socially awkward and “Different”.
    It was definitely not a fun experience to always be excluded from group activities and see everyone having fun while you are at a corner wishing to be noticed and asked to join, though sometimes when you do get asked, you’d reject the offer cause you don’t want to make things awkward due to your cluelessness in socializing hah! That was me LOL!
    Fortunately for me, I’ve done my research on the topic on social behavior since then and managed to break out of the vicious social cycle with the knowledge so all is good now. Well, at least better than before hah!
    As much as separation is bad, the truth is- It is NOT FULLY bad.
    We must always remember, as with everything else, moderation is key.
    If you are constantly with a partner or best friend 24/7 all the time, I bet you all my money that you will get sick of that poor bastard 😄
    A little separation is good 😉
    Come to think of it, I probably wouldn’t have learned so much about life and social psychology if I wasn’t so damn bad at it in the first place.
    Guess the exclusion in my earlier childhood days did something good for me too and perhaps, might lead to me using these knowledge to do more good for others as well eh?
    Life is amazing, isn’t it? 🙂
    Your pal,
    P.S. Btw, take note of the title’s typo error!

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    1. Goodness I didnt even see the typo 🙈 fixed! Thank you!! Its a tough topic, i tend to be left alone quite a bit so thats what inspired the piece. I am working on a big piece at the moment but its an open letter. It touches on this topic also but about one person in particular. I hope to share it soon once I am happy with it. Love the feedback, I am glad I am not alone! 😁

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