The Pursuit of Happiness

We all have a dream in life, whether its being successful, rich, living a life long holiday or hidden away from the world on a desert island. Each person has a person has that one goal that seems unachieveable. For some its the idea of creating and living amongst your family, for others it can seem materialistic. One thing for sure that I have learned over the last few years is that it takes endless work and effort to achieve your goals. Sometimes it can be as easy as anything but for most of us it will be a lifelong goal with an endless road to it. Every bump and turn faced head on and sometimes with pitstops with obsticles to overcome.

Like others, I too am envious of the people who win the lotto. Huge sums of money that set them up for life and can make their dreams a reality (unless you are tone deaf wanting to be a world class singer – but then again Autotune could help with that lol). If I won the lotto in the morning I would happily quit my job, invest a chunk into my business ideas, buy a house and marry in the Bahamas – but these lucky things generally do not happen to people like you and me. There is an understanding that if you have money, you can make money, but until then you work your ass off to survive everyday – never mind dave for the future.
Some people may not know this but Ireland is facing a homeless crisis, a beautiful country with such a dark and disappointing prospect for its citizens. Few jobs, and ever the few barely pay enough to survive. Inflated rent costs that almost match monthly salaries and a housing crisis in relation to buying, which leaves options with huge costs and deposits no one can afford to save enough for. The word depression and mental health are words mentioned an a regular basis amongst people and in our government – false promises are made for change but the people have yet to see changes that are beneficial. Its nothing like a third world country, far from it, but there are so many reasons why Irish citizens are emigrating elsewhere. To pursue happiness elsewhere.
Happiness is finding the comfort and love within yourself. As much as material things can benefit you, they becone clutter in life. They say, money cant buy happiness – it can certainly help for sure…….whoever said that clearly wasnt struggling like many people these days. We will all continue searching, we will all continue to persue happiness. Within and in life.


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