Love comes in many different ways

So, I am sure you have figured this out yourself. I began to understand myself in many different ways recently – listening to my heart and mind – finding common ground. I assessed myself and saw what mattered to me, how others treated me  and found I have been brushed off as an accessory in others lives. I believe I am more than just an accessory, I am loyal and a passionate friend to those who have looked after my heart and good nature. I always had this view of people for their ‘positive qualities’ and not for who they truly are. I have trusted in people who never deserved an ounce of my time but still in my heart, I love them dearly. The heart and mind work strangely together.

In life, people love so deeply that it can cloud their judgement. You defend the people you love, its almost built into your DNA. Courage when needed to stand up for others close to you is an act that never needs an explaination. Personally I have battle scars from helping others who wouldnt even blink for me. I find the need to remain guarded until I feel that I can fully trust people – breaking down that barrier can be a challenge, even for myself. Feeling welcome and a part of something greater is a huge part of that, feeling left out and alone is a huge deterent of any relationship – would you stand for it?

Loving a person, a partner, a parent, a friend or pet is a natural feeling – you know when the love is unconditional and is mutual. Loving yourself is an even bigger factor altogether. Learning to walk away from situations that make you doubt your own self worth is one of the biggest hurdles anyone could face – but it shows incredible strength when you do. 
Never doubt yourself, love your quirks and passions. Be funny, be happy and smile when you feel you need to. Pick youself up and make each day count! 


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