Social media and the fun it brings (not quite)

‘Wow Congradulations’, ‘Have an amazing time’, ‘delighted for you’ – all these phrases we use on a regular basis on social media. Other peoples events, trips away, engagements, weddings and additions to their families are a constant occurrence on my news feed. Its a daily burden your eyes see and your heart sinks because you are working towards it yourself and havent made it yet. For someone who really does live life to its full potential as much possible, there still are bad days, dark days and moments you sit and feel sorry for yourself that you still, despite how much you do, cannot be as lucky. Of course you are happy for your friends, but you can feel social media envy too much these days.

 Some people post more than others, coming across more like rubbing it in your face than sharing genuine joy. Everyone has those friends on their friends list that are more boastful than some. We are have our moments of boastfulness every now and then but its frustrating when its always in your own face and makes you feel like you are failing because they are so up front about their success. What can you do about this I hear you say? Unfollow these boastful individuals, or unfriend if necessary. If its causing you to feel so upset and disappointed – you need space. A social media hiatus may be necessary or at least minimising the amount of time you spend mindlessly scrolling. You need to rediscover your successes recently and start feeling better in yourself. Distance is key. If you still want to keep in contact with these people, stick to texts and calls for a while.

Its not weak to take a break – you need it for your own piece of mind. Nothing wrong with human interaction and meeting new people, just try it outside technology and in person. Go for a walk with friends, go kayaking for an afternoon, spend an evening singing your heart out in your kitchen (even if you cant hold a note). Find yourself. Its refreshing I promise…….


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